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Farms & Suppliers

Idyllic Pastures, Sustainable Farming, Exceptional Produce

Working with like-minded Farms & Suppliers to bring you exceptional dairy produce.

At The Estate Dairy, we only work with Farms and Suppliers who share our vision, ethos and standards for exceptional produce, such as the talented Phil Durbin of Bickfield Farm in Somerset. Bickfield Farm specialises in producing high-quality milk from their own dairy herd, giving you the reassurance of knowing exactly where your milk and cream is coming from.

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Bickfeld Farm heritage & sustainability

Bickfield Farm has been in Phil’s family for generations and has been tenanted by his family since 1930. Phil took over in 2002; today he and his team farm 470 acres of mainly grassland.

“This year we planted 25 acres of a herbal ley, which is a diverse crop including a mixture of grasses, legumes and herbs. This brings a range of benefits to livestock health, soil fertility and reduces the need for artificial N fertiliser.”

On Bickfield they milk 320 mainly pedigree Guernsey cows with a handful of Jersey, Swedish Red, Norwegian Red and Friesian cross Guernseys. The herd spend as much time of the year out in the fields as practically possible eating grass. If the weather (ground conditions) and grass growth allows, the milking cows are out from mid-February until the weather changes around November. During the non-grazing months, the herd is housed. They are bedded on wood shavings and fed a mixture of wheat silage and grass silage. To ensure a complete cycle the cow waste and slurry is stored in a big tank over this period of time and spread on the ground throughout the grass growing months as fertiliser.

Combined expertise of farms & suppliers.

Drawing on more than 10 years of research into the complex makeup of milk and how it behaves, The Estate Dairy team and all our farms and suppliers are devoted to the pursuit of bringing our customers exceptional dairy produce all from traceable farm gates. Our combined experience in farming, scientific research and hospitality means that we have an unrivalled perspective on what can be achieved for the speciality culinary industries.


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We are a collective of young passionate individuals dedicated to producing and bottling the highest quality milk, cultured butter and cream.

We source the richest milk from small, local family farm holdings that share our ethos for quality and sustainability. Resulting in milk with a unique golden colour, as well as butter and creams with a beautifully rich flavour.