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Double Cream

Used by over 40 stars worth of Michelin restaurants

Rich golden Cream

The Estate Dairy Cream is rich, golden and deliciously decadent.

We are extremely proud of this shining star in The Estate Dairy collection. As with all our products, our double cream is produced without homogenisation, and is very gently pasteurised.

A bi-product from the golden milk produced from The Bickfield farm’s pedigree Guernsey herd, The Estate Dairy Cream has been used by over 40 stars worth of Michelin restaurants. The cream also forms the base of our delicious cultured butter.


Environmentally Conscious

Always aware of our environmental impact we are constantly looking at ways to improve our packaging. Pouring creams are available in 280ml glass jars, that are completely recyclable. We can also supply wholesale in larger bulk containers.

Pair this cream with your favourite dessert or pudding, use it to take your homemade ice cream to the next level, or be thoroughly British with a generous spoonful over your strawberries. This beautiful jar of indulgence will be gone before you know it, we would recommend ordering double!

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