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Cultured Butter


Churned in the heart of Cheshire

Our cultured butter is churned on The Cholmondeley Estate in the heart of the Cheshire Countryside. Produced with rich double cream it’s truly one of the richest tasting butters on the market. All our delicious butters are churned on a Roversi Butter churn and use a bespoke Lactobacillus culture which yields a rich flavourful cultured butter. Our cream is aged for over 60 hours and is then ready to be churned, salted and flavoured.

Our 4 day culturing and ageing process results in a beautifully unique product that is then ready to be churned, salted, flavoured, shaped in logs and wrapped by hand.


At the Estate Dairy, each Butter log we produce is a testament to natural goodness and a dedication to quality British Farming

As Ocado opens its virtual doors to our 250g Cultured Butter Logs, savour the experience of hand-crafted flavour led Butter delivered straight to your doorstep. Available now in 250g Cultured Salted and Unsalted logs.

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NEW CULTURED BUTTER Portions 10g & 20g Available NOW

1kg cultured unsalted butter plaques

We’re proud to produce 1kg Cultured Unsalted Plaques for Pastry & Viennoiserie production which is used at a number of the UK’s leading bakeries and patisseries. We offer different Styles of Butter Plaques for bakers specific needs.

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Supplying wholesale throughout London, Oxfordshire and Bristol


Our flavoured cultured butters

These 100g hand-shaped beauties have been specially created and are available in three exquisite flavours –

  • Ndjua – Italian Calabria Nduja is hand-kneaded into our cultured butter. Simply melt it through pasta to create a truly delicious dish.
  • Black Truffle – Black Summer Truffles from The Truffle Hunter is kneaded into our cultured butter for a truly delicate taste.
  • Medjool Date – In collaboration with Oklava we bring you a beautifully rich and sticky Medjool date mix. Spread on a rustic hunk of sourdough – you will not be disappointed

No plastic, no foils, hand shaped in gorgeous wooden boxes.

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Bespoke Custom Wrapped Butter Portions

Elevate your culinary experience with The Estate Dairy’s Cultured Butter Portions.

Now available in convenient 10g individual wraps. Immerse yourself in the rich, nuanced flavours of our meticulously crafted salted or unsalted cultured butter, each portion a testament to the artistry that defines The Estate Dairy.

Unwrap a world of possibilities.

The Estate Dairy goes beyond the ordinary by offering a unique opportunity for brands, companies and organisations to customise their Butter Foils. We are proud to supply our butter wraps to some of the most prestigious hotels, restaurants, football clubs, airlines and private member clubs in the country.

From personalised branding to tailor-made designs, The Estate Dairy transforms each portion into a canvas for your creativity.

Bespoke Butter Portions

Always looking to push the limits of service and bring our customers the very best of what The Estate Dairy has to offer,  we are proud to present not just butter portions, but a canvas for your imagination. From size to design, every detail is yours to command, ensuring a culinary experience as unique as your vision.

Imagine hosting an event where each butter portion is a work of art, a reflection of your brand, your style, and your essence. The Estate Dairy invites you to explore the possibilities of complete customisation. Our unwrapped cultured butter portions, available in sizes that suit you, promise not only exquisite taste but also will leave a lasting impression.

We pride ourselves on being the pioneers in bringing this level of creativity and service to hotels, brands, sporting venues, fashion labels, private member clubs, airlines – to anyone with the imagination to think at an elevated level. The Estate Dairy’s Bespoke Butter Portions are not just about taste; they’re about creating an experience that lingers, a testament to your commitment to unparalleled quality and innovation.