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Greek Style Yoghurt


Whole Milk Greek Style Yoghurt

Our non homogenised Whole Milk Greek Style Yoghurt is made with the freshest milk – within two hours of being milked in fact. Once milked from our pedigree Guernsey herd, the whole milk undergoes gentle pasteurisation. It is then strained in a traditional way, resulting in this rich, thick, dense yoghurt, packed full of flavour. Containing absolutely no additives, or stabilisers, our yoghurt is cultured with lactobacillus culture. To ensure the quality of this delicious yoghurt, we produce it in small 1000 litre batches.

The Estate Dairy Greek Style Yoghurt is available in 500g pots for home delivery or 3kg for chefs and wholesale.

As with all The Estate Dairy products, our Greek Style Yogurt is from single farm gate direct to your door, guaranteeing provenance, and bringing the best of the countryside to your London doorstep.

Delivering to over 1,000 homes across London

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