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gently pasteurised“ never homogenised

Diet & Flavour

A cow’s diet is essential to the flavour of its milk. Protein is made in the udder of the cow and regulated genetically, the concentration does not depend on what the cow is fed. Conversely, the aroma of the milk is influenced by small molecules that diffuse from the feed and is passively incorporated into the milk secreted by the cow.


The most consistent milk

At The Estate Dairy, our production team has a wealth of experience; drawing from expertise in milk science and dairy technologists at world-leading dairies

Morten Munchow, one of the founding partners of The Estate Dairy, is a leading dairy scientist and consultant on the best dairy practices. Morten has published papers in the international dairy journal and has been involved in dairy projects across the globe. With his vast skill-set, we use laboratory analysis to continually improve on and produce better milk for culinary professionals and consumers.

Milk designed for Customers

Our milk will be released over time in different versions. Combining our industry knowledge and with Morten’s scientific input we can adapt a range of factors to best suit the needs of our customers.

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